Most people who have depression  suffer for 18 months before taking action to get better

WHY? Because their depression "tells them" nothing will work and that its hopeless. Your continued inaction is a symptom of your condition. 

It's like having a headache that convinces you not to take a painkiller.

If you need help with depression - maybe even deep depression - and you are suffering, I have a solution for you, even if it's gotten really bad.

Please know this: Feeling good and waking up to a life you can’t wait to jump into is possible.

What’s between you and feeling better is receiving the right type of support and learning and taking some very simple actions to recover.

Because, here’s what you likely don’t need anymore of:

…you don’t need another 1-800 number for a crisis line to call so you can talk to a volunteer who has minimal expertise in crisis intervention, and sometimes no first-hand experience with depression and suicide.

…you don’t need another $150 therapy session with a stuffy Ph.D who has zero experience with depression and talks from an educated perspective with no ability to empathize and understand what you are going through.

…you don’t need to sit in an emergency waiting room for 12 hours just so you can get a bed overnight and see a psychiatrist, who will either send you home again or refer you to some other expert, so you can wait even longer to get the help you need.

…you don’t need to read another self-help book that’s written from a soley academic perspective with no tangible action steps for you to take so you can immediate relief.

….you don’t need to seek help online by reading another online resource that’s either a national website with mere suicide facts and FAQs, or a thrown-together personal site with opinion-based, subjective guidance.

…you don’t need your name to go on another waiting list so you can spend two more months waiting to get into an institution or see a therapist or doctor (that you’ll have to spend ample $$$ on to see)

...and, you certainly don’t need to wait any longer. When you hate your life and think about killing yourself daily, WAITING is not an option.

You need help for your depression. When you feel like this, each minute of your day lasts an eternity. All you want is for the pain to go away. And not tomorrow, or in a week, or month. RIGHT NOW. Okay, so here’s your solution. And it won’t just make you feel better, it will change your life forever.

A personal note from Kay Walker, author of The Feel Better Now book 

Several years ago, I tried to kill myself. I didn't want to, but depression drove me to it. I was suffering and it was so horrible, that suicide seemed the only way out. How wrong I was. Depression ruins your life and the lives of those around you and then it tries to take it. In the process I discovered how to escape it and I decided to write a book on how to do that. This is that book. Please read it. I wish I had it when I was sick.


Intro: Why this book is better

Why this book is better than any other book you'll read about depression 


Kay's brutally honest story

My depression was so bad I tried to kill myself. Why I tried to commit suicide. What happened before I got sick and how it happened. The truth about my life behind the scenes. A brief history of my childhood. How I live my life now.



A definition major depression. 
Diagnostic criteria health professionals use to treat depression from the DSM-5 
Types of depression. 
Neurological contributors that cause depression 
Circumstantial contributors that cause depression 
The relationship between neurological contributors and circumstantial contributors 
Suicidal warning signs: What's normal vs. what is not.



Who can diagnose depression 
Who should you see first? 
List of other medical and mental illnesses where depression is symptom 
Why you should always get a second opinion 
The problem with mental health diagnosis and perception 
Beware of witches, fortune tellers and medicine men
Understanding key brain chemicals, brain regions and genes that affect mood 



What you could be feeling if you've been diagnosed with depression or a related mental illness Actions for dealing with diagnosis in a positive way
Challenges you may experience while waiting for or during treatment 
The importance of appointing a health advocate
Why health advocates are necessary for people with depression
The crucial roles a health advocate plays 
How to ask someone to be your health advocate (includes script)
What to tell employers, family, and friends about your situation 
How to deal with finances when you're sick 
Mental health and the law 



Why antidepressant medications are commonly prescribed 
How does a doctor choose an antidepressant?
How do antidepressants work?
Antidepressant types 
Are antidepressants right for you? 
What is CBT? 
What is DBT? 
What is IBT? 
A note about group therapy



Natural remedies that you can take for mood 
The importance of a healthy digestive system
Art therapy 
Self-care: Are you getting enough? 
What is NLP? 
Kay's SECRET WEAPON (includes three exercises) 
A therapeutic tool that can help when nothing else can



The concept of "wellness" 
A bike wheel model of wellness 
Why self love is the hub of the wheel
The importance of physical health 
The importance of good finances 
The importance of loving your job 
How your environment affects your mood
The importance of community 
Why fun should be a priority 



Exercise 1: How to create an effective affirmation
Exercise 2: Future projections exercise
Exercise 4: Mindfulness exercise 
Exercise 5: Quick introduction to meditation Exercise
6: Character modeling exercise Exercise
7: Building your life's game plan 



Final thoughts 
The story of the Zen farmer
What I believe is true for you