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What is a Culinary Hipster?

A Culinary Hipster is someone who is hip to on what's hot in the world of food.  If you want to learn chef secrets, expert cooking tips, and entertaining how-tos, join this free group.  

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Chef technique

Would you like to learn how to chop like a chef?

It's a simple three-step process that involves a special way of positioning your hand.  When you learn this easy tactic, your chopping speed and accuracy will improve immediately.

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Healthy recipes that are easy and impressive

Get daily recipe ideas that are easy to make and that turn your home into a five-star restaurant.  

How about the latest one-bowl food craze?  It starts with a starchy base, add a protein, veggies, and top with a flavored sauce. You can  make tex-mex bowls, california chicken bowls, breakfast bowls, asian bowls and more!

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Discover innovative new kitchen gadgets

Can you guess what this is?

Looks like a whisk? Or, maybe it's some type of egg slicer witha handle?

It's a Culinary Hipster favorite. The Avocado Pitter and Slicer!

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