It's easy to learn SEO for WordPress site using the lessons ebook and course. Learn online with G4TechTV personality turned ace digital marketer Andy Walker. Course starts Wed. Sept 9.

What this ebook and course will teach you

Using examples and images from live WordPress sites, this book and online course by reknowned digital marketer and technology expert Andy Walker will teach you SEO to create a torrent of free search engine traffic.

The 5 most important lessons

  • How to research and select the high traffic low competition keywords that you can optimize your store for.

  • How to use your WordPress dashboard and tools to optimize keyword phrases for your homepage, all your collections and products pages.

  • Why in-linking is as important and on-page optimization and how to do it effectively to cause the search engines to rank your store as a trusted source.

  • Why you should include a blog in your store and what content to publish to drive most traffic.

  • Tools, tricks, shortcuts and everything else you'll need to create a torrent of traffic to your Shopify store from search engines.

    BONUS Module: How you can use the media to drive traffic to your online store. Step by step.

    BONUS Coaching: Live weekly office hours - come get coached by Andy on specific questions.

    BONUS on demand help: Ask for help on specific questions on our course forums. Get an answer in 24 hours.

    BONUS BONUS: SEO cheatsheet!

    IMMEDIATE SIGN-UP BONUS: Reserve you course seat and instantly get the 60-page DIgital Marketing Secrets Revealed eBook.


Easy SEO for WordPress sites: Course FAQ

Andy Walker

When does the course start? The Wednesday after Labor Day: 9 Sept. 2015. Mark it on your calendar. 

Why then? 
I am making final tweaks to the course and most people are on holiday in the summer.

When do we get the SEO ebook and cheat sheet?
7 days before the course opens. Sept 2, 2015. Mark it on your calendar too. 

Do we have to be there or is it recorded?
Except for the office hours which is optional and live for coaching, you do the self paced course at a module each week on your own schedule.

When do we get the BONUS digital marketing secrets book? As soon as you pay your $1 to secure your seat in the classroom.

Why are there only 100 seats at $117?
This is the first public run of the program and I want to ensure everybody gets a great experience. 

Will the course run again later? Yes, but likely at the $497 price unless people tell me its worth more.


15 alpha testers helped us develop the course and ebook. Here are some of their testimonials

  • Andy, I watched you on TV on Call for Help and, Dude! You've still got it with this course. I was a teenager then learning tech. Now I am making money online thanks to you.

    Caleb S., Seattle, WA

  • Great book! Great course! Was so very helpful to me. You'll sell a ton of them when it goes public. 

    Jonus M., Chicago, IL

  • I was late to the web being older, but you make it all very simple. Thank you so much.

    Nigel D., London, UK

  • I always thought SEO was hard. Can't believe it's this easy. Even my husband got into it.  And he was a noob.

    Janee G., Biloxi, MS

  • My store has really picked up. It's been 7 weeks since the course and I have a sale or two every day. Worth every penny! Please let me know when the advanced course starts!

    Elena V., Miami, FL

"Our 100 SEO students receive:

  • INSTANT  access to my step by step SEO eBook 7 days before the course opens
  • SEO Cheatsheet Download
  • Instant Bonus: Digital Marketing Secrets Revealed ebook
  • Access to the weekly scheduled live SEO coaching teleconferences
  • Online forums access to ask questions when you are stuck
  • Access to the online SEO classroom and all video modules for 90 days
  • Weekly (optional) homework that reinforces lessons

Standard Price


Special Price

for 100 people 

About the Author

Andy is a technology expert who originally found fame as the co-host of Call for Help on G4TechTV. He is a genius at explaining complex technology concepts in an easy to understand way. The show was internationally syndicated in the US, Canada and Australia. He has since developed expertise in digital marketing, founding a marketing agency that relocated from Toronto, Canada to Tampa, Florida in 2014. Andy is the author of five technology books and is a master SEO guru who has helped his agency's clients build businesses on the basis of organically generated traffic. He is also a master email marketer and developer of ecommerce stores on the Shopify platform and content sites on WordPress. He and his team has built dozens of successfully stores on the platform. Andy has also built and sold his own content sites over the years including a gas price prediction site sold to GasBuddy in the fall of 2014 for a six figure sales price.

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