What is the Lead with Love course?

Lead with Love is an online course that teaches you how to help your depressed teen, family member or friend, conquer major depression. 

Each of the five modules is delivered via a series of 20-30 minute video lessons (more than 5 hours of training) so you can guide yourself through the course and review the content when you need to. 

The course is designed to help you become an expert in depression so you can assist your teen, family member or friend, who can't help themself or is struggling. 

Here is a brief overview of what you'll learn: 

Module 1: Is your teen, family member or friend truly suffering from major depression? 
People who display the symptoms of major depression may or may not have a neurological condition.  It's important you understand the source of what's causing the depressive symptoms, so you can seek the most effective treatment. This module addresses the various variables and breakdowns that lead to depression, so you can identify what your teen, family member or friend is dealing with. (If you have a teen, I deal with specifics here.) What you learn here will help you guide medical professionals in the correct diagnosis and treatment.  

Module 2:  Depression 101 for caregivers
In this module you'll learn everything you need to know about major depression. Topics covered include: 
- The conventional treatment options that will be provided to your loved one
- How antidepressants work
- Why talk therapy is crucial
- CBT therapy and what it is
- How to support your loved one through the treatment and recovery phase,
- What you need to know about mental health and the law (in case you need to take legal action to get your loved one into treatment)
- Misdiagnosis and what to do about it
- Getting a second opinion
- How to be a "health advocate" for your loved one. 

Module 3: Effective communication skills
When an individual is suffering from depression it can be difficult to communicate with them about what they are going through.  This module reveals a simple four-step process that allows you to cause another person (anyone in your life for that matter!)  to take positive actions to improve their situation.  What you learn here will change the way you communicate forever in a positive way.  You can use these skills to help your loved  -- or improve relationships in any area of your life! 

Module 4: Emotional IQ skills
There's no formal teaching provided in schools on how to deal with difficult life situations and intense emotions. This module provides a basic four-step process for success in any area of life and for dealing with any difficult emotions that arise.  You can use this yourself. Teach it to your loved one so they can become more resilient towards stress, and so they can deal with it in useful ways that move their life forward.  

Module 5: Crisis support tools for the very worried caregiver
When a depressed person doesn't get the help they need it can lead to suicide. Equip yourself with the knowledge to deal with this terrible situation, if you're confronted by it. I suggest not skipping this module, regardless of your situation. Includes specifics on teens and suicide. 

The course also comes with a CONQUER DEPRESSION RESOURCE PACKET. It includes:
1) Caregiver action plan checklist 
2)  Natural supplements for depression guide 
3)  Gut health article 
4)  Adrenal fatigue guide 
5)  A collection of cognitive behavior therapy worksheets, including the how to identify and work through negative thinking cheat sheet  
6)  National crisis support reference sheet (for the US and Canada and some international resources)
7) Safety plan template 
8)  Agreement to live contract template 
9) Packet of communication scripts 
10)  Selfcare checklist 
11)  Reason for living list template 
12)  A collection of Kay Walker's mental exercises that you're loved one can use on-demand 

The course includes more than five hours of step-by-step video on how to help someone conquer their depression. 

About course creator
Kay Walker:

LEAD with LOVE course creator Kay Walker is a Depression and Suicide Prevention Expert based in Tampa, FL.  She is the founder of the website Depression Zone and the co-author of Que Publishing's book Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to be Human (Que is an imprint of Pearson Education). 

She is also the author of the book Read This Before You Kill Yourself and The Feel Better Now Book.

Walker’s unique depression recovery methodology comes from a combination of her formal training blended with her first-hand experience of suffering severe depression. 

Her education in the field is centered in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Suicide Prevention, with Ontology at its core.

She attended the University of Waterloo and Ryerson University. 

She is currently an advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and a member of the Crisis Center of Tampa’s Women in Action group. 

How Does the Lead with Love Course Work?

All you need to do is listen to and watch Kay's videos. She will train you on how to deal with each situation and circumstance that you need. After each module, which you can view at your own pace you can share your breakthroughs in the course forum or ask a question privately. You can access the course at any time 24x7 via our course download portal. The course is self paced.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is my course price?

You pay only $44.95 one time. Not $299 like some courses of this caliber. There are no recurring fees and you gain access forever because you an download the course files.


2. Tell Me Again: What's featured in the Lead with Love course?

The Lead with Love course is jam-packed with all these amazing features:

More than 5 hours of video lessons presented by depression expert Kay Walker. The video sare packed with step by step information on how to help your loved one conquer their depression.
Special content segments in the course modules for parents of depressed teens.
Access to the course 24x7 or download the files to your computer.
A one of a kind course not available anywhere else on the planet.
A Conquer Depression Packet full of more than 12 supporting documents, forms, checklists and other great materials that support you putting you plan in action for your depressed family member or friend.
A copy of the 260 page depression resource guide Feel Better Now is an optional $14.95 how to handbook and text book for the course.

Access the private course forum and share with other students about your experiences and breakthoughs. Get support from like minded people dealing with the same issues as you. Celebrate your victories and get help from your peers when you are stuck. 
Ask Kay questions privately by email. 

3. What will I experience about myself on completing the course?

Here's what it will be like to be a graduate of the course:

1) You will feel confident that you can help your loved one recover.
2) They will be on the road to recovery and feeling better because of YOU.
3) You will be abel to talk to doctors and medicial professional with confidence and knowledge.
4) You will be closer than ever to your loved one.
5) You will have new communications skills that you can use anywhere in your life.
6) You will be able to work with any one who has depression or is suicidal.
7) You will know what to do if a person admist they are thinking of killing themselves.
8) You will connect with people like you who atre going through the same issues as you.
9) You will be an amazing health advocate.
10) There will be benefits that you may not have ever imagined.



4. Does the Lead with Love Course Come with a Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! Lead with Love has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the value and quality of the course. Or want your money back for any reason just email us and we will refund your course fee 100% no questions asked.