Train your mental toughness to unleash the performance of your athletic career

Most athletes believe if they train harder they will get the results they want. That's a fallacy.

Achieving extraordinary results requires training your brain, not your skills and physical conditioning.

What is holding you back from the champion results you expect of yourself is developing your mental toughness.

Overcome mental barriers and you can expect to be on the podium more often. But it takes specific training - mental toughness training! One-on-one coaching, however is expensive:

Expect to pay a coach $300 to $500 per month - in a single season that can cost you $2000+. 

We've solved that by creating the Mental Toughness Program for Champion Athletes. It's like having a personal coach, but for a fraction of the price.

It includes:

Kickstarter: Learn the fundamentals of Mental Toughness Training that all elite athletes learn to master.
Fearbuster: This level is designed to give you freedom around performance anxiety and fear. You will still experience these negative emotions, yet they won't paralyze your performance.

Results Booster: This is the afterburner of the program. It launches you past all the remaining barriers you may be dealing with to give you the ability to help you unleash your performance into new realms of personal bests, team records and even record breaking results. 

This three-level mental toughness training program was developed by our Olympic-level coaches using tried-and-true mental toughness techniques previously available only to our personal coaching clients, many of them Olympic-level athletes. 

Now the FULL training is available to you via this course at the special price of only $79

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The Mental Toughness Training Program for Champion Athletes consists of a suite of 3 levels. Completing this blockbuster program designed by our Olympic-level mental toughness coaches will train you to achieve the results you set for yourself, and to identify and defeat the barriers that are holding you back, so you can unleash the performance you always new was in you. 

“It is hard enough to understand mental toughness, let alone live it and love it. This training program is full of expertise and step by step solutions. It’s a killer resource.”

Dustin Emrani - Israeli World-Class 800m Runner

A Mental Toughness Training Program For All Athletes and All Skill Levels

All athletes from amateur league players all the way up to Olympic competitors can struggle with performance and achieving their goals because of a failure to train their mind as well as their body. Those that succeed harness the power of mental toughness training. It works for anyone!

A Training Program Based On the Science of Performance

This course was written using proven methods backed by the science of performance. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information in this course was has been designed, tested and shown to create real results by integrating techniques developed by the experts that study human performance.